Bring the expertise of The MJA Company to your next concrete renovation project.

The MJA Company specializes in concrete surfaces, concrete repair, and concrete treatment. With MJA, you don’t have to cringe every time a forklift makes a pass over your industrial concrete floor. You can deal with the chips, marks and stains on your driveway with a single call to The MJA Company.

The MJA Company delivers the concrete restoration you need to fortify failing concrete floors. We specialize in optimizing your commercial and residential concrete surfaces for appearance and safety. We’ll help you keep a new commercial concrete floor durable, make an old retail concrete floor look new to your customers. We’ll help make your concrete slip-resistant, too. 

The MJA Company’s years of concrete surface experience in industrial and commercial concrete are now available for residential projects, too. We’ll transform your garage floor into something beautiful and safe. We can do the same for your pool surround, and even your concrete patio and sidewalks.

Discover what a growing number of commercial and residential customers find out each day: The MJA Company takes every project seriously. That keeps customers happy—and our reputation intact.

Your project. Our reputation. We highly value both.  

Use the commercial tabs above the pictures to explore both the Concrete Specification Institute (CSI) Divisions in which our work is most often included.

Use the residential tabs below the pictures to learn more about the concrete surface concerns most often expressed by residential customers.

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Nothing lasts forever. But with the right treatment from The MJA Company, concrete can come pretty close.
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